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Ducati ECU remap kit

This unit allows reprograming of the Magneti Marelli 5AM and previous 59M units, which are used on all post 1987 Ducati models and most Aprilia, Moto Guzzi & MV models.

The ECU reprograming module can be supplied blank or with a preloaded program. Motowheels will supply a tuning program to suit the motorcycle.

A premapped ECU remap module is ideal for clients wishing to remap their OEM ECU at home. The programing module can be supplied with preinstalled program to suit many motorcycle models with different levels of tuning

The tuning program which is loaded into the existing ECU unit, can be customised in a away that the owner’s name or message can also be loaded (max. 15 characters/inc. spacing), so when ignition is turned on this lettering will appear. This is only available for wide face dashes – Ducati 1198/1098/848/Hypermotard/Multistrada

For customers who do not know which type of ECU unit they have fitted , as with the case of the 999/749, which used both the 5AK & 59M, diagnosis can be done online.

Once a remap module has been down loaded onto an ECU unit, data can only be transferred from this particular ECU unit. If the user requires an upgrade because he has subsequently changed the tuning state on his motorcycle, this can also be done online, through the distributor or workshop.

How it works ?

Connect plug on control unit to Ducati OEM Mathesis engine control plug.
Connect 12v power leads to motorcycle battery
Turn on motorcycle ignition
Read data on ECU remap unit LCD window
Select data for motorcycle model (choice of one remap/crypted)
Remove existing engine date which is stored in remap unit
Load new engine data
Turn off ignition
Remove plug
Remove 12v power leads

Problems with Lambda sensor ?

No as this remap unit removes Lambda sensor reading

Engine can be remapped at any time with OEM readings by reversing process.

This unit can also be used for engine trouble shooting by downloading engine data into computer
(computer program = additional cost)

Available for following Ducati models with different exhaust system & silencer combinations :-

Ducati 1098R, 1098S, 1098 Biposto, 848, 1198R, 11098S, 1198, 999, 749, SS1000, Hypermotard (Termig./silencers/non cat.). Monster S4E/S2R/1000. Multistrada 1100

Available for following Aprilia models :-

RSV 1000, Dorso Duro, Shiver

Can it disable Immobilizer?
Could you fit aftermarket tach etc?

The kit does not give you a programable ECU with more functions--you will need to get a NEMESIS-2 Type 2 ECU: HM, M695, S4RS, SC in order to do that.

This "ECU re-map" kit basically allows you to choose from a library of maps when you purchase the ECU and then load it onto your ECU. The maps they curently have are identical to the DP ECU. We download the maps of your choice before we send the unit out. It is a plug and play type device for the user.

You end up with something similar to the DP ECU for about 1/2 the cost. It is reversible and has optional diagnostic software available.


OK, thx.

So this unit works on the S2R1K?  I've an 06 and I was told nothing short of a DP ECU would work...  Also, price?

Also, looks like the NEmesis kit is pretty limited in its applications.  Again, bummer for those if us who bought the S2R1K with O2 sensor.  But it works on the Hypermotards?


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