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Title: ECU awap
Post by: MikeC on June 21, 2022, 06:52:11 PM
6 months ago I lost the one and only key I had for 2015 Ducati Monster 1200s. I've sent my cluster and ignition to some tech in Canada and when he received it he said that there was no transponder inside the cluster. So they made me 2 keys made from ignition. When I finally received it back the keys would turn on the lights and fuel pump primes but no start. After a month I got a refund. I bought an ECU ignition switch cluster Bbox off eBay but with no key. I sent out to SOS in Oregon and they programmed the 2 new keys to the new cluster I bought. But my cluster doesn't give me any options. Like track mode. Set time etc. It's stuck in sports mode. Can I put the ECU that came with the cluster ignition and Bbox that I got on eBay and would that make the cluster work?? I mean it was from same year bike. The ecu's have same exact serial numbers. I'm just nervous after all this time and money I don't want to make anymore problems. And if I did plug that ECU in would I be abled to just put my stock back in and all good?? I'm very curious and want to get the most out of the bike. Thanks for any feedback. Mike C

Title: Re: ECU awap
Post by: stopintime on June 22, 2022, 06:10:33 AM
My head hurts ....

The key code reading antenna must be active for the bike to start. Your first tech contact made keys, but can't have coded them. This sounds like what you experienced? (plus the headache?).

I trust SOS Diagnostics, so if they say they coded the keys it's probably true. Otherwise/usually, this is dealer work.

My own experience is with an S2R which has a red key. Home programming easier than with the newer bikes, I assume. 

What's an "ECU ignition switch cluster Bbox"?

I would guess that your next stop is SOS Diagnostics to ask them about the bad result. Maybe it's easy.... Maybe you have to replace everything with OEM and ask dealer to install....

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