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Author Topic: Vendor Posting Rules  (Read 7214 times)
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« on: February 07, 2008, 04:30:14 PM »

Sponsoring The Board

The board sponsors ( LINK WILL BE HERE WHEN WE HAVE SOME ) are a group of companies and individuals who devote their time and their money to keeping the board up and running for all of us.  They feed our addiction to parts, modifications, gear and bikes by offering us good customer service and discounts.  But more important, many are contributing members of the board and offer up their wisdom and expertise, often on a daily basis. 

The board values its sponsors, which is why many of us turn to them first when we need a part or service.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or finding out more information about sponsorship, please contact an administrator.

Offering Discounts

Many companies and vendors offer discounts to board members, regardless of whether the3 companies are sponsors.  We will have a dedicated page for discounts from vendors.  ( LINK HERE WHEN IT'S UP  ) If you would like to offer a discount to board members, please contact an admin (placing a discount on the Discount page is free)

Non-Sponsor Commercial Posting

We Welcome Companies To Participate In The Board
We welcome individuals associated with commerical entities to post on the board.  Many have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we hope they'll be willing to share with us.  After posting for a while, companies often realize how committed the board is to rewarding those that provide use with sound advice and those who financially support the board.

Please Keep Your Posting Non-Commerical
If you are associated with a commercial entity, as much as we welcome your contribution, we ask that you keep your posts non-commercial.  Replying to to general inquires about parts or service with posts about your company is advertising (making new posts is too).   Like other media, if a you want to advertise on the board, you have to pay for the right to do so.  As an example, if someone posts asking about clutch covers, it is fine to tell them what options are out there or suggest some brands.  It is not ok to provide them with a link to the your website, to try to sell your own product or to tell them "we sell 'em, give us a call."  Only our sponsors may do that.   If the cost of advertising here isn't worth it to a company, no problem. But then they don't get to promote themselves for free.  It's not fair to those that have paid to sponsor the board and who have contributed their knowledge to the board..

Responding to a specific request about your product (i.e. if you're Yoyodyne and your reply to a "does a Yoyodyne slave cylinder fit my monster?" post) is a gray area.  If you are a commmercial non-sponsor, feel free to offer a response, but be aware after a few responses like that, you will be asked to either sponsor the board or refrain from such posting. 

Non-sponsor commerical posters may include a link to their business in their Profile (under 'website'), but not in their signature line and may not include banner advertising or any other commercial promotion. 

Logging onto the board for the purpose of posting links to another forum is not permitted.

Board Members Offering Products
Occasionally, a board member will offer a service or a product in limited amount (tail chop brackets, headlight conversions, or handmade tools, for example).  While technically these are commercial posts, they will dealt with on a case by case basis, taking into account how long the seller has been a board member, their level of contribution and the extent of their advertising their company and product.  Because members understand how the forum works, this has not been a problem in the past.  Hopefully, it won't be in the future.


There is a special classifieds sections for our sponsors.  Non-sponsors may NOT use any part of the classifieds to sell their products. This includes people who log onto the board just to try to sell a number of non-monster motorcycles.  The classifieds are for members and sponsors only.

Local Boards

Many of us, as monster-fanatics, have a close relationship with our local dealers and/or shops.  We want those entities to participate in our local monster community, give us special treatment [SMILEY], and keeping us abrest of events, rides and sales.  That said, any commercial posting by a non-sponsor in a local board is technically advertising.   For many of the local boards, the standards are determined by the local board moderator(s).  There are somewhat different standards between the larger, more anonymous boards and those where the active membership is relatively close-knit and may include a dealer or an independent wrench.  As a general rule, an occasional posting by a dealer or other non-sponsor that "Hey, we're having a big year-end BBQ" is ok, while repeated, less community-oriented posting like "we've got a special on ___ this month" is definitely not ok.  If you have a concern about the postings of a member on your local board, please contact your local board moderator. 

Policing Commerical Posting

Occassionally, someone will log onto the board and begin their membership with a commercial post.  It is not appropriate for board members take this opportunity to begin flaming (or any opportunity for that matter).  Sometimes, people just need to be welcomed to the membership--be nice about it--and gently told about the commercial posting rules.  If you notice repeated commercial posts by a vendor or an egregious commercial post (like cell phones being sold from Nigeria), hit the Report to Moderator button and the administrators and moderators will handle it.

These rules are provided to keep the board a fun and productive place for board members and sponsors, and may be ammended  at any time.  Any questions please contact a mod.
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