2009 Tour de Fat

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While I like their beers, New Belgium is pretty bike crazy.  Based on some of the bike events I've seen in San Jose and the hostility and stupidity of some of the peddlers, I'm not looking forward to this in my area. 

We have been to it the last two years here in Tempe. It is a fun time and everyone is pretty laid back. Basically everyone rides in, parks the bikes and drinks all afternoon.  [drink]

we've been 3 times...
one of my fave events of the year.

hostility of peddlers?

must be a local thing...here bike events of all kinds co-exist fine with traffic and non-bikers

Quote from: sugarcrook on September 17, 2009, 10:45:54 AM

... the hostility and stupidity of some of the peddlers

Freakin' peddlers -- chiseling shopkeeps, gypsies and ne'er-do-wells, the lot of 'em.

I tend to hang out instead with pedalers and other two-wheeled folk. Not necessarily more trustworthy, but generally a whole lot more fun.

I consider myself a ne'er-do-well.


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