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Author Topic: A Great Weekend!!  (Read 1856 times)
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« on: July 06, 2008, 06:13:42 PM »

Friday morning, Windsor George and I head up the Northeast extension of the turnpike.  The rain is pitter patters, nary anything to worry about.  We stop for coffee/gas at the Allentown Plaza and decide the pitter patters are knee slappers.  Cycle Gear is open and all three us are the proud owners of rain suits!! Grin  (That rain stuff really works on the visors!!)

Riding in the rain without getting wet.  Really interesting concept.  You can feel the water pelting you, feel the cold and it feels like you're getting wet, but you know you're not wet. 

Rain lets up just before Clark's Summit and we're still smiling!!  Take route 6 west, and look there's the town we're supposed to stop to look for lodging.  Smiles all around, and no one hits the brakes.  Just too much fun riding!!!  Make new friends wherever we stop and one joins us for an hour's ride til he meets up with his Dad.  Kid still in the service, had 2 tours in Iraq, Dad's a retired cop, so we buy a couple of rounds of beer.  The least we can do for those protecting us.  drink  We part company 2 towns over.

End up in Wellsboro (tomorrow night's destination tonight).  Route 6 is beautiful, but boring.  Yes, yes.  the map shows lots of twisties and turnies to be had.  Next morning, we head west to go south on route 144 to 44.  What a lot of fun!!!  Memories of the John & Tony Deal's Gap tour is running through my brain.  Really close, just no roads that go underneath thenselves.  Small patch of 44 is really bumpy - gotta cut that out next time.  There's plenty of curves and mountains between shifting, must have been at least 30 minutes between stop signs!!  Not much traffic, and they either pull over or you can pass on the straights!  This is definitely worth working into a loop!!

Don't know what time it is - and don't care.  Hair's flat to my skull, I'm beat to the bone - and smilin' like the dickens!!!  Swing by my family reunion for an hour or so to rest up, and on to Lewisburg to find a place to stay, and a good meal.  Scallops!!  Damn, that was the best meal in the last month!!  Stella wasn't tasting so good, but the Jack and Gingers were going down reaaaaaalllll smoooooooooooooth!!!!

Shamokin for the last day.  Yup! 125 south here we come!!!!

Not sure how the day will pan out, so we eat a hearty breakfast, and have to forego Buddy's Log Cabin Huh?.  Route 125 is sweet, but something's wrong.  The clouds are now threatening, and we're tired. Brain's not firing on all cylinders and the blind curves are scary (especially the one by the red barn!!).   Let's just hop on 78 to 61 and get home.  73 is uneventful and it's good to be home!! 

It's great - haven't answered a phone call in 3 days, nor looked at a watch.  Alarm clock?? What's that??? 

Feels like a week's vacation in just 3 days!! 

Frickin' snow!
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