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Author Topic: FAQ: Front / Rear paddock stands  (Read 9763 times)
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« on: May 29, 2008, 10:49:02 AM »

This was originally written by mitt in 2005:


Stands make working on your bike much more safe and enjoyable than the side stand.  Even mundane things, like washing and changing oil can be much easier when you have a stable bike to work around.  For tightening / replacing chains, aligning rear wheels, and changing tires, a rear stand is almost required.  For removing forks and changing tires, a front stand is needed.


There are front and rear stands.  Front stands can lift up on the bottom of the forks, and enable wheel removal, or they can lift up under the bottom triple clamp, and allow wheel and fork removal. Rear stands can be dual sided, single sided (s4r, 996), front handle, rear handle, standard, or spooled.  The spooled stands use forks that cradle spools that are fixed to the swing arm.  They are the most precise and stable stands, but few bikes have spools as OEM.  Spools can be added to almost any bike by drilling and tapping, drilling and adding inserts or rivnuts, or welding nuts to the swing arm.  I recommend contacting a spool manufacturer for advice on what technique to use.  Some stands can even accommodate both spooled and none spooled bikes.


There are many brands I know of, and many more I don't know of:

Pitbull - widely regarded as the best of the best, but they charge for their quality too. Typically $140-$170 per stand, and they make several different models of both front and rear. If you look at the service area of a moto shop, more than likely they will be using pitbulls. No paint to chip off, 100% zinc plated.  PB is also starting to make restraining stands for trailering motorcycles that look very easy to use.  And, they have been selling spool kits for a long time.

Heindle - middle of the market, well built, but not all the features of the more expensive stands. Several different styles, and both front and rear. $160 for both stands. They are powder coated.

Lockhart Phillips - considered near the bottom of the stand market, even though they cost around $110 each.  They are known to have the swingarm pad come off and the swingarm slides down the stand until the bike falls.  They are painted or chrome plated.

Handy Stands - the minimalist approach to moto stands.  You can find both front and rear stand togehter for around $100. They have mixed reviews, but generally are considered worth their cost, and especially the rear stand functions well. There has been one report of the legs spreading, and a Monster falling off. They are painted. Handy also makes a lot of other shop tools.

T-Rex Racing - a good quality stand at a very affordable price.  Both front and rear available, and they come painted with a durable finish.  T-Rex also sells spools.

Cycle Cat - new to the stand market, but they have been making quality motorcycle components for a long time. $200+ for a stand, rears only for the moment.  They receive great reviews for being easy to use, but currently they might be out of business.

I place a short 2x4 under the side stand during lifting and lowering, to minimize the amount of tilt needed for the stand to generate.


Check out these how to use videos provided by owners:

mitt's M1000 with Pitbull Front Handle Rear Stand

Michael Moore's M900 with Pitbull Rear Handle Rear Stand

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