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Title: MotorcycleGear.com DMF deal (formerly Newenough)
Post by: Statler on October 06, 2009, 05:11:32 PM
edit 2/21/11:   this deal is changing.  soon it will be a link from here that will take you to the store and a percentage of sales from here will be kicked back.  will update soon.

Many of you already know NewEnough.   They sell new gear, are very helpfull and knowledgeable, and have some great specials.

Here's how the deal works (and it's been in effect for a bit...I've been slow spreading the news...sorry)....

when you buy something from them, you have the option of marking the DucatiMonsterForum at time of purchase.   They then donate a dollar to our account.   Costs you nothing.

At some point when we have enough money there, we will have a contest or raffle or something and give away cool gear...winner gets to choose size.

So no ads from them and no posting....just a good deal from where some of us shop anyway...

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